Why do entrepreuneurs need to outsource?

• New star-up or established subsidaires with small or micro scale have to focus all resources (human, time, capital, etc.) on researching and developing products, promoting brand image, attracting customers, etc.
• Foreign businesses or foreign invested company who take the first step into Vietnamese market have to optimize cost to focus on core business, finding niche market, and attracting clients in new market.
 • CEOs don’t have much time to train employees and solve all administrative problems, especially minor affairs that arise daily. CEOs need to spend most of time for business development. 
• Companies have limited budget but all HR and administrative functions are still in need of professional team • Building a professional team takes a lot of time and effort  

GPO’s solutions - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

Market research: Pre-market research reports for start-up and market entry/penetrator
Ground reality check: Support and facilitate your field check business trip 
Legal services support: Business licensing and business entry procedures 
Hiring and staffing services: HR business partner in recruitment, orientation training for new hires, staffing & payroll service 
• HR development strategy consulting for CEO  


Benefits in using GPO’s outsourcing services:

• Paying fixed annual fee
• Saving 80% on operating professional HR department 
• Saving 80% of time on observing, training, and evaluating new staff for CEO 
• Focusing on developing core business instead of administrative managing 
• Reviewing employees’ data when requested 
• Training employees based on business plan or employees' performance 
• Limiting working interruption due to personnel changing 
• Improving working efficiency with regular supervision of experts 


Why should you choose GPO?

• Large potential candidate database brings many choices in recruitment process 
• Standardized and online in-house training system can be used anywhere at anytime 
• In-house salary management system, tax calculation support and other benefits according to Vietnamese regulations 
• Data security with GPO’s system 
• Fast, economical, and efficient process 
• Customers are consulted and mentored by leading human resources experts with over 20 years of experiences 
• Professional team is always ready to support when businesses have problems with the process 
• Equal to 80% of cost when self-operating a similar system 
• Free consulting


GPO’s outsourcing service process:

1. Receiving information and meeting customers
2. Analyzing customer needs 
3. Price quotation 
4. Signing contract 5. Service delivering 

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